We ship all over the world! Please plan your order in advance to guarantee shipping time. Most gowns can be created within a 4-6 week period, however, some garments may require more attention (ex: wedding gowns, beading). Please contact us for more details on rush shipping.





At this time we only specialize in sizes up to 16 (43 Bust/ 36 waist/ 49-50 Hip). We are looking at adding additional sizes in the future.

We offer limited slots for custom designs per month. Please contact us for more additional information. ***WE DO NOT AND WILL NOT DUPLICATE ANOTHER DESIGNER'S GARMENT. We are a designing firm that specializes in original designs ONLY. Our general turn around time is 2 -4 weeks. Gowns: 2-6 months. THERE IS A $100 NON REFUNDABLE FEE FOR ALL ORDERS NEEDED IN UNDER 30 DAY, $150 FOR ORDERS NEEDED UNDER 15 DAYS.


Policy and Procedures


1. Consultations: Client will pay a non-refundable consultation fee of $100. Client will have up to one hour with the designer; it must be paid online or transferred prior to meeting. If fee is not paid in advance, we will cancel consultation request. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND OUR WEBSITE DOES NOT YET ALLOW US TO ADJUST OUR BOOKING CALENDAR PAST THE SCHEDULED APPOINTMENTS. SO BE SURE WHEN SELECTING TIME CHOOSE A TIME BETWEEN 11AM-5PM IF YOUR CONSULTATION WILL BE HELD IN PERSON (DOES NOT APPLY TO VIDEO CHAT CONSULTATIONS)  If client wants to reschedule, it must be at least 48 hours in advance or client will have to pay an additional $25 reschedule fee, IF CLIENT DOES NOT ADHERE TO ABOVE AGREEMENT THEY WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.



Client will pay a 60% deposit fee of the total cost order prior to first confirm fitting. The deposit can be paid at the consultation.

  • The deposit is non-refundable

  • Designer will not start on the order unless the deposit fee has been paid.

  • Only PAID deposits or in full are considered as a VALID ORDER. Consultations with designer is not considered as order placed.


3. Fittings: Client is entitled to two to three fittings located at designer's place of business ONLY.

  • Designer will not meet client outside place of business or studio hours for fittings.

  • Client is limited to two guests at each fitting. to TWO guests at each fitting. Children must be over the age of 12.

  • Client must adhere to all fitting dates. Fittings can last up to one hour. During this time, designer will make adjustments to the garment, client can ask for minor changes if needed. Client must pay 40% of the remaining balance at the second sitting. Client will have to sign a separate agreement stating that they are pleased with the progression of their garment. Client will pay the remaining balance at the final fitting and sign a separate agreement statement that they are pleased with the completed garment.


4. Appointments: All appointments must be scheduled at least two month prior to event. If the event is less than a month away an extra $100 will be added to the client's total cost.

  • Client must cancel appointment 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment if conflict of time arises.

  • Please be aware of your arrival time.Note: The schedules allotment of time will not be extended but will only last the remaining of that time.


5. Designs: Once order is placed, fabric is purchased. Client has 24 hours to change design request or design will be AS IS.


6. Payments accepted: We accept cash, credit card, and debit cards only. Invoices can be sent via email for payment.


7. Satisfaction of production. If client is unsatisfied with the production of an order, he or she will not receive a refund of payments, and will receive their order as is.


8. If client's event date changes , the client will still be liable to pay full balance by the original discussed date. Late fees may occur. To reschedule any fitting after original event date exceeding over 1 month, the full balance is due prior to fitting.




Step 1- Consultation ($60 non refundable fee/ does not apply to garment design)

• Measurement

• Discussion of design/fabrics

• Illustration

(We can give you a rough estimate of what your design will cost. Final cost will be emailed to you once fabrics are located. Price is determined by materials+ labor)


Step 2- Fabric Search

• This process can take from 2-4 weeks (bridal normally takes 3-4 weeks)

 depending on supply and demand. Our goal is to take the time needed to guarantee desired fabric(s).

• We typically send 3-4 different fabric choices via email. If swatches are available, there is a charge of $3 per swatch.

Note: Some suppliers do not offer swatches due to delicate fabrics but will send the clearest photos

• Design total price will be sent with fabric choice


Step 3- Deposit

• 60% is due to begin design process. Balance is due on 2nd /last fitting. (We accept payment via invoice, pay by phone or walk in with credit card only)


Step 4- Mock Design

• We will create a mock design before the actual cut of fabric. Once that is completed,  we will schedule our initial fitting with you. Our mock patterns allow us to get a better fit and pattern to create the final gown/dress.

• Note: Please bring under garments and shoes that will be used while wearing your garment.  If you do not have your ideal shoe at this time, please bring a shoe that will be close to the heel height.

Step 5- Design cut

We will give you an estimate date/time that your garment will be completed and schedule your next garment fitting.


Step 6- Final fitting(s)

• Gown fit will determine if additional fitting will be necessary.

• Final payment is due with signature of approval.





We are not responsible for returning shipping costs.

All of our custom purchases are final.  We offer alterations to customers that notify us within 10 business days from shipment arrival.

Discounted items are final.  We do not offer returns, exchanges or alterations on discounted items